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Reality Kitchen offers employment path experiences designed to nourish and inspire all learners, with and without disabilities, to thrive personally and professionally with support and resources in a community inclusive setting.


In response to the many phone calls and inquiries we have received from our Community of Friends and Supporters…

Status Update / May 2020

We are beginning a “limited reopening” of retail sales at our side PICKUP WINDOW and are offering our HARD TIMES MENU with some of your favorites and some new items that we know you’ll love ! To prepare for this, we contracted to do a full deep cleaning of the entire facility and have put in place a series of CDC protocols and steps to assure all our staff and customers that we can assure everyone a safe and healthy experience when you come to Reality Kitchen. Every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 10 am until 3 pm you can get your bread and pastries and other baked goodies, as well as our food menu.

This has been a particularly hard hit on our nonprofit organization, all the staff we employ and their families, but we remain committed to a forward looking response.

Reality Kitchen will continue to do all we can to help our elders and those in our River Road Neighborhood, as well as the larger community, by using our facilities to help feed those in need in the days and months ahead. We know this is our opportunity to give back to our community, as you have supported us in the past !

We will continue to do our best to help those who need it the most.

In the days going forward:

  • We will continue to partner with other nonprofits that already help those who struggle with food insecurity (Burrito Brigade, Lane County and City of Eugene Government, Food for Lane County) and other agencies, companies, groups and organizations, as well as local food service businesses to be of help in producing bread products and meals.

  • We have been offering dairy-free bread and pretzels, vegetarian soups freshly prepared food, and more of the products we bake, for friends and neighbors to pick up from our take out window and enjoy at home.

  • We have begun working with the City of Eugene, Lane County and area business partners and other local suppliers to receive donations of healthy options and the supplies we will need.

Like so many other nonprofit organizations, we do not operate on large cash reserves, to fulfill our commitment to deliver our services, so we ask you to consider offering your help in some way:

  • Please make a financial or in kind donation to Reality Kitchen Nonprofit, today.

  • Offer your volunteer labor, skills, professional services and food products to help us to feed others.

  • Please contact us with other ways you can help:

If we have earned your trust and support in the past, can we ask you to please consider making a financial donation of whatever your budget will permit ? And please tell your friends you did, and why !


More importantly to our long term well being:

Now is the time we are asking you to become a sustaining Friend of Reality Kitchen by offering a recurring monthly donation that will build a foundation now to carry us through these days and into the future.

Your recurring monthly donation beginning at $10.00, or more if you can, will make all the difference in how we are able to respond to this time, together.

Thank you for your consideration and support of our Mission !

Jim Evangelista, Executive Director

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