Like so many businesses and other nonprofits during these difficult times, we are finding creative ways to keep our organization afloat, keep our valued staff engaged and contnue to deliver our services and products to our members and the larger community.

  Now you can order your favorite breads, pretzels, sweet treats, pies, and other goodies from our “Community Supported Baking Online Store”. Soon we will also be adding soups, growlers to go, meals prepared in house, bulk food items, locally sourced specialty products, gift certificates and more. Each week/month our product list will have new flavors and items to choose from that will always include GF and vegan options.

Each Thursday through Monday, you can place your orders and they will be ready for you to pick up at our cafe or delivered to your door  the following Friday, between 12 noon and 6 pm.

There is no limit on what you can spend, of course, and your orders can vary from week to week during the month. This base income will give our baking team the opportunity to better plan their production, develop new products to suit the interests and needs of our customers and, most importantly, help our Supported Staff continue to be successful in their goals for employment path experiences in an integrated workplace setting.

  Of course, one or more households can share the orders you make each month to save on trips to the store and get great baked goods and other items while supporting the ongoing work of your favorite 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization!


Fall 2023

Reality Kitchen, along with other food service businesses across our community, have continued to receive so much good will, generosity and kind support from neighbors and community friends. Your help affirms to us that you value our Mission. Without the contributions you and so many of your friends have made, Reality Kitchen Nonprofit would not be able to keep our doors and continue operations, so please consider making a contribution of financial support today !

We will continue to do our best to help those who need it the most.  We are very grateful for your continued support and thank you, so much !     

If you want to be in touch with us directly, please call us at 541.337.1323

Our Cafe and Pickup Window are open for business each Thursday and Friday from 10 am until 4 pm !

Very soon we will offer expanded hours and food service !

Come on down to see us at 645 River Rd, each Thursday and Friday between 10 am and 3:30 pm to enjoy your favorite menu items and treats, pick up some pretzels, buns, pies and breads and lots more of the baked goods you have come to rely on us to have available !

Of course we make breakfast all day long and our sandwiches have always been made to order, just as you like them ! Vegetarian offerings are our specialty and we offer vegan and gluten free bread and meal items too ! Have you tried one of our Pretzel Stuffers yet ? We’re always trying new variations and combinations, so please make us your destination to meet up with friends or pick up a meal to bring home to enjoy !


“Lucy Bug” Color by Numbers Community Mural Project

We’ve begun filling in our “Lucy Bug” Mural at our Pickup Window and will keep bringing color and life to this community mural project !


Lucy was my neighbor back in Gainesville, Florida and she always brought a smile and a Grandmother’s Love to everyone she met. We started painting this awhile back and some friends and neighbors got together to put paint to wall. We’ll be pulling out those brushes again soon and we’ll invite you to come and lend a hand ! Check our Facebook page and visit our website for updates !

             The Elder’s Luncheon is returning !

A special activity held every Wednesday was our Elder’s Luncheon where our Supported Staff would prepare and serve a four course meal, free of charge, to elderly neighbors and community members.

These lunches were supported by donors and the income from the retail café and wholesale baking operations and became a wonderful opportunity to honor and give back to those extended family members who have spent a lifetime giving to each of us. Without the income we had from the Cafe’, your support is more needed now.

Serving these respected elders gave our Supported Staff a full circle experience where they planted and nurtured organic vegetables raised at our Reality Kitchen Garden at a neighbor’s home based farm. These students harvested and were shown how to plan a menu, prepare serve these nutritious meals while rotating local musicians came to perform during these luncheons. We appreciated the regular participants in these gatherings and established a learning opportunity that taught us all the valuable lesson that remembering our elders and caring for them, filled our hearts and souls while nourishing them with whole food and love.

Unfortunately, changes in ownership at the garden and demands on our business forced us to suspend these lunches. But the experience has remained with us and we are often asked if this would return.

When Pacific Source approached us with their generous $2500 grant to respond to the continuing rise of food insecurity in our community, we were inspired to return the Elder’s Luncheon and welcome back these special friends and neighbors.

To learn more about and support this meaningful learning activity, please visit the Food Insecurity Initiative page here on our site and consider how your organization, company, legal or medical group or family foundation could participate with a matching $2500 grant, or perhaps make an individual donation to fund this Essential Event !

Our Food Insecurity Initiative continues to prepare and send out 100 healthy, hot meals to individuals who experience food insecurity and homelessness each week. These meals are being  funded by donations from concerned individuals like you and we’re grateful for your kindness !

Your help, today, is important to our long term well being:

Now is the time we are asking you to become a sustaining Friend of Reality Kitchen by offering a recurring monthly donation that will build a foundation now to carry us through these days and into the future.

Your recurring monthly donation beginning at $10, $25, or more if you can, will make all the difference in how we are able to respond to this time, together.

Thank you for your consideration and support of our Mission !

Jim Evangelista, Executive Director

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