Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about our Community Supported Baking subscription box plan.

What are the products you offer ?

We have a full list of all the products we offer on our website at:

We are updating our lists regularly to bring you new and favorite items coming online regularly. Keep checking back to see what’s cookin’ and look for specials and locally sourced items that pair well with our baked goods.


How do I place an order ?

After you have registered to become a member, you and your friends can place an order beginning every Thursday at noon and we continue taking orders until noon the following Monday. You can make your selections from our Items List.

Be sure to add any comments, questions or special request you may have in our Comment Section before you check out.


How do I pay for my order ?

Once you’ve become a subscriber we take your credit/debit card information and you can make your selections for the upcoming week, or place orders that you can receive weekly, every two weeks or on what ever schedule you choose.

This way you can plan when you will receive the baked goods and other items you want on the schedule you want them.


When and where can I pickup my order or have it delivered ?

On the Friday after the order period closes, come to our bakery location at 645 River Road to pick up your order between the hours of 12 noon to 6 pm. You will be able to access us through the gate in front or by calling us at 541.337.1323 to make other arrangements to receive your CSB box. If you are needing it to be delivered, you will receive your box at your home or office location on the same Friday before 6 pm.


Is there any minimum order or maximum number of items I can order ?

You get to choose how much or how little you want to select and when you want an order. We just appreciate your support and your orders keep us going ! Of course we hope you’ll purchase all you baked goods and other items we offer here, with us, as much as you want.


What if I have more questions about this ordering system or your products ?

If you have any questions that are not answered here already, or you need help with an issue that has come up, please call Jim at 541.337.1323 and he’ll be able to help you.


What if I want a special order of something I don’t see on your Items List ?

Just call Jim at 541.337.1323 and he will do his best to take care of you !



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