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Reality Kitchen offers employment path experiences designed to nourish and inspire all learners, with and without disabilities, to thrive personally and professionally with support and resources in a community inclusive setting.

Making a difference

When we all work together, we can all go further! It takes  a lot of hands to make big things happen and we do thank you for making a financial  donation to Reality Kitchen Nonprofit, today !


( Lucy Bug / a Whiteaker Community mural project / July 2011)

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Reality Kitchen’s Mission is:

“To offer employment path experiences designed to nourish and enrich all learners, with and without disabilities, to thrive personally and professionally with supports and resources in a community integrated setting.”

This health event has forced us to close our training program, wholesale bakery production and retail cafe’. This is coupled with an urgent need for emergency food that now exists in Lane County, Oregon. With your help we can reopen service to the community to provide meals to un-housed residents who are sheltered in area facilities, as well as feed and supply our neighbors with baked goods.

Your generous support means we can continue to change the perceptions of the greater community about the employment options available to these individuals by offering a truly integrated workplace where all individuals participate in the operations and production here at our bakery.

Together, with your support now, we can respond to this crisis safely to help our local homeless and shut-in neighbors. We will partner with other nonprofits that already help those who struggle with food insecurity and local agencies and organizations, as well as local food service businesses to produce bread and meals, to act as a hub of care and hope. Returning all our staff, with and without disabilities, to work and resuming our Employment Path Program will inspire, engage and serve the community when it needs it the most.

Because the long-term impact of this event is up to us to recreate and adapt to, we are committed to modeling our alternative approach to educating and preparing these individuals to successfully realize their goals for employment and personal independence in their lives. Gaining vital self confidence, socialization and self-management skills, as well as valuable, transferable skills, is at the heart of our mission and our reason for being in operation.


As we all respond to this globally experienced event, an increased use of technology is an important activity that will expand and reframe the Employment Path services we deliver to students with disabilities to include distance learning through remote group classes, video and audio production and more.

Of course, we will pivot our direct trainings conducted in our bakery to meet the changing workplace environment and we will continue to offer activities mindfully designed to prepare our Supported Staff to successfully transition into reinvented employment opportunities that we know will, eventually, return across a variety of settings. For this reason, we reach out for your ongoing support to better prepare these for the days ahead.

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