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   Please read this message from Lynn Egli, a parent

Dear Friend of Reality Kitchen,

I am writing to you as a parent of a young man who experiences a high functioning form of autism.

My son, Jesse, works as a specialty baker at Reality Kitchen. While some things are a challenge for him, other things like baking come naturally for Jesse. He primarily bakes deserts like scones, lemon bars, and, my favorite, peanut butter pie.

Jesse loves going to work at Reality Kitchen where he is surrounded by loving, supportive professionals who have mentored him in a safe space where he can follow his passion while building his confidence in himself and learning valuable skills that he will carry with him throughout his life.

The team here is implementing an innovative redesign of their Employment Path Program with Catherine leading the development of a totally new curriculum and unique approach to skills building.

This work has value both now and in the long run and your support for this is greatly appreciated.

We deeply appreciate you and all our community partners. We wouldn’t be able to go on without your support. If you can, please make a donation to help Reality Kitchen’s continued growth !

I’m grateful for your consideration!

Lynn Egli


Reality Kitchen’s Mission is:

“To offer employment path experiences designed to nourish and enrich all learners, with and without disabilities, to thrive personally and professionally with supports and resources in a community integrated setting.”

Your generous support means we can continue to change the perceptions of the greater community about the employment options available to these individuals by offering a truly integrated workplace where all individuals participate in the operations and production here at our bakery.

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