Our Year End Request for your consideration

It’s safe to say that we all look forward to the coming new year and will be glad to see this past year move quickly into our rear view mirror. Even while saying that, it has been a blessing to witness how many friends have risen to the occasion in response to these truly difficult circumstances and come together to help our neighbors in their time of need and uncertainty.
With the onset of the COVID 19 public health event, and without financial reserves to maintain our diverse operations in support of our Mission, has required the full and combined efforts of our entire organizational team, including our Board of Directors and dedicated staff, to manage through the financial impact we have experienced across all of our income streams:
  • The delivery of our State licensed Employment Path services were abruptly halted under direction of Oregon Department of Developmental Disabilities Services because we serve a vulnerable population, most of whom have compromised immune systems.
  • All baking production came to a halt because all wholesale accounts we shuttered in their own response to the pandemic. We lost the income we required to make payroll and maintain production staff.
  • All retail sales were halted because we were unable to offer product due to lack of production staffing and goods of production scarcity.
We received the PPP financial stimulus funding and were able to return a few of our Supported Staff to services and resume some of our wholesale baking production and retail sales and orders to go with customers visiting our Pickup To Go Window. Prior to the March closure, on a weekly basis Reality Kitchen delivered baked goods to over 54 wholesale accounts in the community and we served 14 young adults in our Employment Path Program. Since reopening our regular wholesale accounts have dropped to 10 accounts and 6 Supported Staff have been able to return to receiving services. Many food service businesses have not reopened their doors and many, struggling to remain open themselves, are purchasing a different product for far less. Most of our Employment Path participants have been unable to return to services due to health reasons.
Even while experiencing a 72.4 % loss of our previous income, thanks to you, our financial supporters and generous donors, and a few well-timed grants, Reality Kitchen Nonprofit has stayed afloat and is moving forward !
The wind you have blown into our sails has enabled us to:
  • Develop a Community Supported Baking (CSB) subscription box ordering plan that we are about to launch so you can pick up or have delivered your regular order of baked goods, pastries, breads and treats, as well as prepared meals we are offering, to continue our food operations.
  • Our Employment Path Program is getting a facelift and soon can be accessed online to distant learners unable to work in our facility. Thanks to grants from the Oregon Community Foundation and the Eugene Impact Club, we have partnered with Cognitopia.com to deliver this unique approach to deliver Supported Employment Services.
And yet, with so much to be optimistic about, we are now under another shutdown and drawing down our reserves that have kept us in operation until this point. With mounting uncertainty throughout our community, we have seen ongoing financial pressures that may force us to consider another round of staff layoffs and other cost cutting decisions before being forced to temporarily suspend operations, unless we receive further outside assistance.
Can we ask you to consider a year end tax deductible contribution to fund a project or need we have listed or make a donation of support to our general operations fund ? We are working to remain vital to our community and are determined to continue to grow as we do our best to serve those who need it the most. If you have any questions, please call me today at 541.337.1323.
Our warmest wishes to you for a safe and peaceful holiday season as we, together, look forward to the New Year ahead, and in advance, thank you so very much !
When you make your donation to our secure PayPal account, you can specify if you would prefer to direct your contribution to a specific need we have, or if your contribution is to our general fund.
Of course, you can still send your donation using a good ol’ fashion check to PO Box 733, Eugene, Or. 97440, today. Thank you, so much!

 Please look over our “Wish List” to consider making your donation that is directed at a project or need you support.

In response to the need for safe outdoor seating, generous donors helped us install this steel roofing and purchase redwood benches. Now we need to provide a safe, secure and warm space for our customers, with your help. 

The Infratech 39″ 5000 Watt Dual Heater is a dual element radient heat fixture that will produce concentrated heat for our outdoor patio seating area. We are asking your help to purchase four of these heaters to be mounted from above to warm our customers. Radiant energy is only absorbed by solid objects and is not wasted heating the air.

We will need $520 for utility fencing panels to secure the seating area and $750 for pressure treated lumber to frame it in and hold the fencing in place.

Since we moved into the building in 2013, there have been different electrical work done in the bakery and we need to update our panel box and run new lines, mostly to the front end patio to service the elecric heaters, new signage, compliments of Neal from Neon Latitudes, and it’s another item on our Wish List. We would be lucky if the work could be done for $3500. If there is any help you can be towards this important goal, we would be most grateful !

A ‘Needs List’ of our fixed monthly costs

Rent$ 2400
EWEB$ 850
Natural Gas$ 740
Trash/Recycling$ 160
Phone$ 185
Janitorial$ 850
Office Supplies$ 175
Internet/WiFi$ 300
Gas/Fuel$ 440
Auto Insurance$ 150
Total$ 6250

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