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Reality Kitchen offers employment path experiences designed to nourish and inspire all learners, with and without disabilities, to thrive personally and professionally with support and resources in a community inclusive setting.

Wish List

As we put together this “Wish List,” during this difficult period we all are going through, together, we know it’s more of a “Needs List” for Reality Kitchen Nonprofit to remain in operation.

A ‘Needs List’ of our fixed monthly costs

(please see our “Wish List” below)

Item Amount
Rent $ 2400
EWEB $ 850
Natural Gas $ 740
Trash/Recycling $ 160
Phone $ 185
Janitorial $ 850
Office Supplies $ 175
Internet/WiFi $ 300
Gas/Fuel $ 440
Auto Insurance $ 150
Total $ 6250

With your generous donation, we will be better able to remain in operation and continue serving the Community and fulfilling our Mission.

Reality Kitchen is planning ways to shift our business model to allow us to continue to fulfill our Mission and commitment to supply your bread and baked goods, in these days ahead.

Uncertain about when, or if, our community will be returning to “business as usual,” we are reinventing our way of doing business. Our application submitted to the Payroll Protection Plan has not yet been funded because allocated money has run out. We are renewing that application now, in hopes there will be additional resources from the Federal government. Because you value and support our nonprofit Mission and operations, both personally and financially, we will share and update our current needs, as well as our fixed costs of operation.

By making these changes and breaking down our vital monthly needs, we hope to better explain how we will allocate the financial support you are giving today. When you make your donation to our secure PayPal account, you can specify if you would prefer to direct your contribution to a specific need we have, or if your contribution is to our general fund.

Of course, you can still send your donation using a good ol’ fashion check to PO Box 733, Eugene, Or. 97440, today. Thank you, so much!

ThinkPad Yoga 11e Chromebook

Going forward, we plan to purchase twelve (12) of these laptops to maintain our program goals with each of our Supported Staff members.

$ 180.00 each X 12 = $ 2160.00 total.

As we all recover from this global event, an increased use of technology will expand and reframe the Employment Path services we deliver to students with disabilities to include distance learning through remote group classes, video and audio production and more.

We will pivot our trainings to meet the changing workplace environment and continue preparing our Supported Staff to successfully transition into employment opportunities across a variety of settings, better prepared for the days ahead.

Deep Cleaning and Sanitizing of Bakery

Mindful of the responsibilities we maintain to our all of customers, our baking and food service Staff and our Supported Staff members, and their families and, of course, the wellness and health of the larger community, Reality Kitchen Nonprofit has committed to a phased reopening of our Employment Path Program, retail sales and baking operations that must begin with a deep and thorough cleaning of our entire baking and food production facility.
From the bids we have received from companies licensed and experienced in these services, we have selected CleanMex, a locally owned and operated service. They offered us a very competetive and generous bid to do this work, in consideration of our nonprofit status and the urgency of the need.

The services that will be provided include:

• Full cleaning and sanitizing of all surfaces, appliances, sinks, walls

• Sweep, degrease, mop and sanitize all floors and drains

• Clean, degrease and returning baking ovens to operation

• Clean, wash and sanitize all waste receptacles and janitorial equipment

• Clean, wash and sanitize all urinals, sinks, mirrors, faucets and counters

• …and other cleaning as needed

Total price: $3800.00 Estimated Hours: 40-60 hours

Ongoing maintenance of full baking facility: $70.00 / day rate

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