Our Food Insecurity Initiative

Local organizations and donors are joining together to fund Reality Kitchen’s goal to help in feeding our neighbors and those in our community experiencing food insecurity.

Would you consider a matching grant of $2500 to add your combined commitment to feeding those in need?

Each of the following donors have contributed to a restricted fund to only feed those individuals in our community who are unhoused and are unable to meet their daily food needs. Our Supported Staff are regularly preparing meals and distributing them to City Rest Stops, camp sites and shelters. We have partnered with other groups committed to this cause like The Way Home, as well as distributing these meals ourselves.

Reality Kitchen has also resumed our Elders Luncheon Gatherings offer four course meals, free of charge every Wednesday, to elderly neighbors who excperience food insecurity prepared and served by our Supported Staff at our Cafe location at 645 River Road. Local musicians also contribute their skills and time to these gatherings.

“PacificSource is pleased to support Reality Kitchen and their ongoing efforts to provide a welcome and inclusive environment for those most in need in our local community. The work experience they offer individuals, with and without disabilities, combined with their tireless support for those experiencing food insecurity, makes them a critical asset in addressing the unique challenges that affect social determinants of health. We encourage others to visit and support this deserving local nonprofit.” The Pacific Source Team

“Providing financial and team support for organizations that improve the local communities in which we live and work is the Mission of the ReMax Integrity Foundation. Our commitment to making our community a home for everyone is why we have continued to give our financial and personal support to Reality Kitchen Nonprofit. This vital organization has made inclusion and caring for those who are most in need at the core of their mission and we encourage others to join us in providing the resources this organization uses to continue doing this important work.”                      The ReMax Integrity Foundation

“Oregon Community Foundation is delighted that generous Oregonians are recognizing the need to step up to address food insecurity at this precarious moment,” said Patrick Hosfield, Donor Relations Officer, OCF. “This is a complicated issue and there is no simple solution to ensure people don’t struggle with hunger. OCF is pleased to help facilitate this grant. Reality Kitchen is approaching this problem with such creativity by using a retail business model that offers supported employment to community members with disabilities, while also helping feed unhoused folks and other people in need.” Reality Kitchen wishes to thank the R.W. Family Fund of Oregon Community Foundation for their generosity and support for our efforts to remain vital in our community.” The Oregon Community Foundation 

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