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Welcome to the launch of our new online ordering system ! Please be patient with us as we work through any glitches that might come up along the way. If you need help or have any questions, please call us at 541.337.1323.

Like so many businesses and nonprofits during these challenging economic times, we are stretching ourselves to find creative ways to keep our organization afloat and our valued staff engaged as well as provide our services and products to our neighbors and the larger community. And so, we are pleased to invite you to become a member of Reality Kitchen’s:

Community Supported Baking

We are offering our members subscriptions to a “CSB” box filled with your favorite breads, pretzels, pastries, pies, soups and more. Our product list shows what’s available for you to choose from each week/month and will be updated with new items that will always include GF and vegan options.

Here you can place orders weekly, bi-monthly or monthly and your subscription will be prepared for delivery to your door or boxed and available for you to pick up at the café after 12 noon each Friday.

Reality Kitchen is a scratch bakery and kitchen, delivering many traditional and creative options for your culinary experience while creating opportunities to involve our Supported Staff in the production of these baked goods.

Patience furthers and we will ask you to give us a bit of time to work through any website glitches that we haven’t forseen, but we are sure you wont be disappointed by this new service !

Please reach out to us directly at 541.337.1323 if you need to update your order outside of the ordering window for your week and we will do our best to accommodate you.

How does this work ?

Just follow the prompts to enter your billing information and then place your orders. Easey peasey !

Your information is confidential and we do not access it or sell your data to anyone.

We are regularly adding to the made in house or locally sourced options you have for purchasing and you can always suggest items if you don’t see it on the list.

There is no minimum or maximum amount you need to spend each week or each month and you can buy as much as you want or even order a regular item or three on your own schedule. Now isn’t that cool !?

Your regular orders with us help us ensure our baking staff have a baseline production schedule, to add to the wholesale baking we do each week, and gives our team the opportunity to plan their production schedule, develop new products to suit the interests and needs of our customers and help our Supported Staff to be part of the planning and production while they continue to be successful in their goals for self confidence and meaningful experiences in an integrated workplace setting.


How do i place my order ?



1) Set up your free account !

2) Select your option to pickup your order or have it delivered.

3) Go to our Items List and browse through our baked goods and other offerings. 


OK, now you can select from our items and place your order !

1) Place your one time order starting at 12 noon on Thursday, any week.

2) You can make your selections all weekend until the ordering closes on Monday at 12 noon of the next week. Subscribe to have your selected items weekly, every other week, or once each month.  

3) Your order will be ready to pickup, or be delivered, on the following Friday, after the ordering period closes. (Please see the visual calendar below)


1) Your selected items will be waiting patiently at our Pickup Window at 645 River Road on the Friday after the ordering closes between the hours of 12 noon and 6 pm.

2) You can also have your order delivered for a $5 service fee. Deliveries are limited to the Eugene area while we establish this service.


Because there are some items that we have a limited number to offer each week, members are encouraged to order as soon as you can after the “Store” opens at noon on Thursday to be sure you don’t miss out on getting all the goodies you are wanting for the following Friday.

The early bird gets the pretzel !

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