Friday Pickup Window is Open !

Every Friday we are opening our Pickup Window to welcome customers back as we return to a beginning of food service to our neighbors and Community.

This is primarily an opportunity to give our Program Participants and Supported Staff the experiences and time practicing what they have learned in their classes  and their customer service skills, so please be patient with us ! This is also the day we prepare and hand out the Community Supported Baking (CSB) Subscription boxes too !

We open our window from 10:30 am until 3 pm, and you can take your purchases to go or enjoy it in our covered seating area.

Our Friday Pickup Window Menu and Offerings  

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Your choice of bread, cheese & extras

$5.00 and then add $1 for each item

            Bread options:

Sourdough, spiral rye, or challah – all Reality made!

*GF bread available ( Reality made Teff bread)

Cheese options:

 Cheddar, provolone or Swiss

          $1 additions

Pesto, sauerkraut, avocado, grilled onion, tomato

          $2 additions

 Ham , egg , Roasted beet

*Add a side of mac and cheese or soup for $3


Soup du Jour

Hearty Vegetable (totally loaded !)

Served over your choice of Quinoa ( GF) or Orzo ( not GF) and a reality roll!

12oz $ 5.00

16oz $ 7.00

Mac and Cheese- Mexican style

8oz serving $4.00

mild green chili and tomato


Biscuits and Gravy $ 7.00

Our Reality made biscuit and “zippy “sausage gravy **peanut oil used


Lemon, Apricot/Date, Pecan     $3.50

Marionberry/Orange Bundt cake    $3.00 slice

Slice of Pie blueberry or blackberry or marionberry add whip !   $ 4.00 slice                                          Super fudge brownies ask about flavor  $3.50                                      Cookies… Giant Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin or           $ 3.00

Ginger molasses     $ 3.00

*GF Peanut butter chocolate   $1.50


Apricot/Ginger, Choc/Orange, Cran/Almond, Raspberry/white chocolate  $3.50

Other treats you’ll enjoy !

Peanut butter pie (6 inch)      $6.00

NY Style Cheesecake : Orange Vanilla                                   $4 slice

GF chocolate cupcakes w/mint cream cheese frosting                  $3.00

Sticky buns (*pecans)            $4.00

Orange date *pecan spice muffins $3.00

Reality Pretzels !!

4oz twists        $2.00 each

  6oz traditional    $3.00 each  

8oz traditional    $4.00 each


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